Vanita Warren (Nee: Williams) is a native Coloradan. She is a genealogist who has been researching her own family history for over 12 years and has discovered family roots dating back to the 1600's. This includes descendency from her slave-holder 3x Great Grandfather.  Despite the atrocities of chattel slavery, Vanita is very proud of her ancestry and the families (white or black) she is descended from.

She had her DNA tested via Ancestry DNA and discovered additional roots in Europe, West Africa, and South Africa; as well as gaining information to correct her family's oral heritage that had been passed down since her youth. Contrary to her upbringing, Vanita discovered that she has no apparent North American Indian in her DNA. Actually, her DNA is accurately reflected in the various Coat of Arms and family names on this page.
Vanita holds a Ph.D. in Theology, and is a writer and published author.  In addition, her excellent research skills are the result of her military law enforcement career as a criminal, fraud, and counterintelligence investigator. She is a retired police officer and an Air Force Veteran with over 20 years of military service. She will retire from the USAF Reserves in 2018.

In addition to Biblical Theology and law enforcement, Vanita has professional experience in, Education & Training, and in Business. 

Vanita is a former Colorado State Director for Concerned Women for America (CWA). serving from 1999-2001. She also served as CWA's Colorado State Communications Director and StateLegislative Liaison.

As a writer and an author she has been published in such magazines as Discipleship Journal, Christian Standard, and Pray. She is an established freelance writer and a published author who has written for various churches and Christian ministries. Vanita also continues to write and publish via her company K. S. Industries.
Since retiring from Law Enforcement, Vanita has aggressively pursued her passion for helping others discover their genealogical roots. 

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  2. Vanita Lynn Warren
    Vanita Lynn Warren
    Vanita is an experienced investigator who has been researching her own family genealogy since 2002. She is a retired law enforcement office with over 20 years of experience including 10 years as a military investigator. In addition, she has over 5 years experience in Education & Training techniques and management. Vanita can help you begin your genealogy research, and provided continued direction and assistance as you expand your family tree.
    MyRoots2Me is a genealogical and coaching service. Vanita helps clients begin their path to discover and understand their genealogical roots. Ultimately, she helps them to understand and embrace themselves as a whole person by knowing where they came from, and “who is that person,” that the world sees today.