Your Genealogy
Coach & Advisor
MyRoots2Me provides genealogical coaching services. I help research your ancestral roots to discover how you became You!
MyRoots2Me helps you to discover you!
MyRoots2Me provides guidance to individuals from all walks of life, with special emphasis on:
  •  African-American Genealogy
  •  European-American Genealogy
  •  Hispanic-American Genealogy
  Just send me an email with your question  at:
For more extensive support and assistance MyRoots2Me provides genealogical services and coaching assistance with: 
  • Genealogical research and analysis
  • Documentation including a research report
  • Paper and digital documentation
  • List of sources searched
  • Family charts
  • Family history interviews
  • Guidance in assembling family histories
  • Suggestions for on-going research
Let Vanita Help You!
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send me a message.
I aim to reply within 72 hours.

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Let's research your history together!  Tell me your story!
  1. Free Consultation
    A no-cost "What's in it for me" session.
  2. Coaching
    Assistance for DIY-ers
  3. Researching
    The information you need to build upon.
  4. Networking
    Collaboration with community of genealogist.
  5. Documentation
    Professional source documentation.
  6. Education
    Tools and resources.
There is a lot to genealogical research and every case is different. Here's where we shine!
  1. US Census Research
  2. Investigative Research
  3. Research Plans
  4. Organizing Your Research
  5. Navigating Family History